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Swivel Seat Stairlift Chairs

On July 3, 2011 By

There are a number of options available to make using a stair lift easier. An occupational therapist or an impartial sales adviser will be able to specify the ones that are suitable for the users needs.

The most obvious option is to have a swivel seat stairlift. This means that you can swivel the [...]

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Stairlifts are practical solutions for those people who have mobility problems and find it difficult to go up and down the stairs unaided. Stairlifts are suitable for domestic properties and are a safe and efficient way to make traversing the stairs much easier. Stairlifts are available from a number of different suppliers in the UK [...]

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i have kidney failure,need dialysis 3 times a week,the property im in has stairs inside which is proving too much for me,especially the dialysis days,i get very dizzy.i asked for a stairlift from the council,but i have been refused,dont know what too do now.
also i have asthma

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