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Stair lifts can be used with ease, safety and reliable. It can be used by people from all walks of life. It normally has a soft start so the user is not shocked and jerked as it starts to move. It is largely operated by the used of controls placed on the arm of it. [...]

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Many elderly people face a difficult choice in their later years, as their ability to tackle the stairs in their houses becomes more difficult. Do they sell the houses they love and move into a bungalow or sheltered accommodation or do they convert their dining room to a bedroom and live downstairs, assuming they have [...]

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Stair lift is one of the most admired and at the same time useful mobility aids available in the market. These lifts are very reliable and there are various models that have been in service for more than 3 decades.What is a Stairlift?As its name implies, it is a typical chair, which is mounted in [...]

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Residential elevators and stairlifts are great accessibility options in multi-storied residential buildings. They make life easier for the elderly and physically challenged. However, the choice between a home elevator and a stairlift for your home largely depends on your specific needs.

Stylish Models of Residential Home Elevators

A home elevator provides you with [...]

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ThyssenKrupp Access is one of the leading companies in the US, manufacturing quality accessibility products, specially designed to meet the needs of the aged and the disabled. With a range of accessibility products suitable for both commercial and non-commercial purposes in residential apartments, hospitals and commercial establishments, every product from ThyssenKrupp Access maintains the highest [...]

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Basics of Stairlifts

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A stairlift is useful for anyone with a wheelchair or mobility issue that has an upper level. The stairlift is attached to a rail along any style stairway. Sometimes people have a permanent condition that leads them to need a stairlift. Others have a temporary need for a stairlift, such as recovering from surgery. Anyone [...]

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What does tis knob do and how is it operated? I cannot push, pull, move, or turn it. Here are two photos:
I know I already asked this question, but it expired before I got a serious answer.
I don't want to contact Stannah. I have tried in the [...]

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