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Importance of stairlifts

On July 11, 2011 By

In this life, sometimes it happens that some things we never noticed before, or we are so easy with the things that we never though about that. It is possible that might be some day we wouldn't be able to use it, and we must need someone help. Getting the help is a little irritating [...]

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Getting a stairlift

On June 27, 2011 By

A significant number of people find, at all ages and for a variety of reasons, they cannot get up and down stairs. There is of course the option of moving to a bungalow, but many people are emotionally attached to their homes.  Anyway, there might not be any suitable bungalows nearby and if stairs are [...]

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Stairlifts are essential devices for disabled people to help them go up and down stairways. With these tools disabled people are not limited to living in one-story dwellings.
Stairlifts are generally devices that are mounted on the wall and that hook onto a wheelchair. A mechanical motor then transports the wheelchair up or down [...]

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Stairlifts have been a godsend for quite some time for the elderly and disabled who have mobility problems. For those who have trouble getting around the house, stairlifts are a much more practical and cost-effective solution than moving into a bungalow. The other alternative is home adaptations, which can result in the rather sad situation [...]

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