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Lancashire-based Multicare is working to help disabled and elderly people gain independence with its stairlifts and mobility products.

Many mobility products become essential to modern living as you get older.

Therefore, it is important for elderly and disabled people to know they can have their stairlift repaired if necessary because they are dependent [...]

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When it comes to buying and installing important and expensive equipment like lifts and elevators, it is important to depend on professional help of the best quality. Efficient residential lift architects offer individualized solutions for the installation of stairlifts and wheelchair lifts.Competent Indoor Accessibility Solutions Safe, durable and dependable staircase and wheelchair lifts make life [...]

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Stairlifts are helpful and affordable accessibility equipments, which provide safe and comfortable movement for the physically disabled and elderly individuals. In order to offer more convenience for mobility challenged individuals, stairlifts designed for commercial applications are now available in the industry. Enables Easy Floor to Floor Access in Commercial Places By using this accessibility equipment [...]

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Residential elevators and stairlifts are great accessibility options in multi-storied residential buildings. They make life easier for the elderly and physically challenged. However, the choice between a home elevator and a stairlift for your home largely depends on your specific needs.

Stylish Models of Residential Home Elevators

A home elevator provides you with [...]

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Regardless of what staircase you have in the home of your elderly family member, Stairlifts Coventry is what potential purchasers will be typing in to find solutions for their relatives mobility and independence needs. Perhaps they retired to Coventry after working in the motor industry or they have lived in Warwickshire all their life. With [...]

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Stairlift Trader UK Free Stairlift Classifieds

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Colne-based stairlifts company, Multicare, is pioneering a device specially designed for thin staircases.

The Minivator 1000 is one of the slimmest straight stairlift tracks on the market.

As well as fitting in tight spaces, these stairlifts maximise floor space at the top and bottom of your staircase with an extended rail which can [...]

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Colne-based Multicare Stairlifts is introducing a scheme for people in desperate need of mobility around the home.


The "emergency rental stairlifts fitting service" means disabled and elderly people can have stairlifts in their home quickly, and for a low cost.


After it is installed, a rental stairlift will cost [...]

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Multicare Stairlifts has expanded its service further into the Blackburn area.


The company, which supplies a selection of stairlifts, vertical lifts and mobility products, now operates throughout the whole of the Lancashire region.


Not only will Multicare deliver stairlifts to anywhere in the area, but its busy service department [...]

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