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A Buyers Guide to Stair Lifts

On July 22, 2011 By

People who need new stairlifts - but have no idea where to start - need to understand the  the different types of stair lifts and what to consider when purchasing.Purchasing a stair lift means elderly or disabled people will not have to face the pain of walking up and down the stairs.Straight or curved staircasesThe [...]

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Stairlifts are amazing inventions that allow people to be transported from floor to floor on a chair that is built onto the wall or staircase.They started being sold around the 1930s and, since then, standards have been constantly improving to help people to help people get around their homes.Stair lifts are incredibly helpful for people [...]

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Choosing to install a stair lift in your home is a life-changing decision. It can be stressful picking out the most suitable stair lift and finding the right place to buy it from.For that reason, Multicare Stairlifts offers some helpful advice to help new buyers through the process.

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One. Ask [...]

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A History of Stairlifts

On April 22, 2011 By

Thousands of lives in Britain would be ruined without stairlifts.The stairlift, which improves safety on the stairs, are highly advanced devices for elderly or disabled people - but the history of this incredible invention is rarely examined.In the 1920s, an American engineer, a Pennsylvanian named Mr Crispen, invented a device designed to help his polio-stricken [...]

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The Benefits of Stairlifts

On April 21, 2011 By

Stairlifts are a huge benefit to modern society.

Thanks to stairlifts, people with mobility problems don't need to move from their home to a bungalow or have their home adapted so they can stay on one floor.

Elderly or disabled people can stay in their own homes where their surroundings are familiar. Many [...]

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Community Notes

On March 30, 2011 By

Community Notes
* Trinity Lutheran Church will observe Lenten Wednesday -- with a hunger appeal supper from 6:10 -6:50 p.m. based on the USA, food stamp supper, its foods and needs.

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