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On July 13, 2011 By

Stair lifts can be used with ease, safety and reliable. It can be used by people from all walks of life. It normally has a soft start so the user is not shocked and jerked as it starts to move. It is largely operated by the used of controls placed on the arm of it. [...]

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Stairlifts for the Disabled

On June 12, 2011 By

Stairlifts are a relief to mobility impaired individuals and help them to easily access the different floors in their homes and offices. In the olden days, physically disabled people employed caretakers to assist them in climbing stairs. But caretakers are expensive to maintain; moreover, the presence of another person constantly at one’s side might seriously [...]

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If you think you need a stair lift in your house the level of choice available can be quite overwhelming. It's difficult to know where to start your research or even appreciate what kind of stair lift you need. We've explained the main kinds of stairlifts to bring you up to speed, so you can [...]

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Bruce would like to help you find the right stair lift for you home. To Schedule an appointment with Twin City Stairlifts to look at their showroom of chair lifts in Burnsville, MN, call Twin City Stairlifts at 952.808.3646. Twin City Stairlifts can also be found online at Continue Reading

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