A 90-year-old woman died after being thrown downstairs by a faulty stairlift.


An inquest heard that it was the third accident involving the stairlift company's equipment.


The coroner said: "This was a problem with design, fitting, installation or servicing of the stairlift."


Multicare stairlifts says this demonstrates the importance of getting your stairlift serviced and properly installed.


The Colne-based company offers a platinum service that covers repair bills with an annual inspection for peace of mind with stairlifts.


It covers stairlifts for a lifetime guarantee, an annual inspection report, any repair work carried out free of charge and breakdown coverage.


Shockingly, says Multicare, 30 per cent of elderly people's accidents occur as they travel between floors. Stairlifts can help individuals where this is a risk – so they can travel safely up the steps in their house.


Elderly people are advised to ensure that stairways are well lit and banisters are secure.


High-wattage bulbs or installing an extra railing will significantly reduce your chances of falling on the stairs.


Tripping is a disaster for elderly people. It is reported that falls are the top reason for injury and death in aging individuals.


However, in most cases stairlifts are extremely safe – massively reducing the number of accidents in the home.


In order that elderly and disabled people can move in a controlled and stable manner, stairlifts normally have a smooth so that the user is not jerked around as the carriage starts to move.


Speeds for domestic straight rail stairlift carriages range 0.16 miles per hour up to 0.34 miles per hour.

Curved rail stairlifts differ in speed and may vary on the journey because of changes in incline and turning corners.



Thanks to stairlifts, people with mobility problems don't need to move or have their home adapted so they can stay on one floor.


Leaving a home can be heart-breaking because of leaving beloved neighbours or happy memories behind.


But the worst problem is the ruinous expense. Installing stairlifts makes practical and economic sense.


Stairlifts even match home décor these days – because they are available in a variety of colours and designs.


For more information visit http://www.multicare.co.uk.


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