Straight stairlifts: Straightforward and the easiest to use and install. Used for moving from lower to upper floors and back again. Possibly the most popular choice because of simplicity of installation i.e. less than 1 hour, and because of price i.e. less than £1,000 (in the case of reconditioned or re-engineered).Curved stairlifts: Required to negotiate bends or landings. Also suitable for use on winding staircases over several floors. Usually take a half a day to install and prices are dependent on situation, but generally more expensive than straight stairlifts.Perch stairlifts: A neat solution for anyone who cannot bend their knees or stand sufficiently well enough. Through floor stairlifts: Often referred to as wheelchair stairlifts, can be a the only solution for the totally immobile or wheelchair bound. These are designed to accommodate a wheelchair and it's occupant to travel vertically between floors, rather like a common public lift. Platform Stairlifts: Click here to see how they work.A stairlift can be customised to fit users requirements and to blend almost unnoticed into a domestic environment. As mentioned above there are many factors to be considered when choosing a stairlift but possibly the most important is if the user requires a greater weight load.Stairlifts can be folded discreetly away when not in use to permit normal access to the staircase for non lift users.A stairlift, especially a non standard stairlifts, could be a large investment to consider and therefore it is imperative you get the right advice first time before you buy.We pride ourselves in giving free advice or information, even if you are not our customer.

Arguably I have a greater understanding of stair lifts than any other supplier in the UK. With the added bonus of our impartiality and in-depth knowledge of all UK stairlift manufacturers, we can help find the best stairlift for your needs. Castle Comfort Stairlifts

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