Stair lift is one of the most admired and at the same time useful mobility aids available in the market. These lifts are very reliable and there are various models that have been in service for more than 3 decades.What is a Stairlift?As its name implies, it is a typical chair, which is mounted in an aluminum railing system that travels up and down the staircase. Its carriage comprises of gearbox, an electric motor and all of the associated pieces to control the lift's motion. It also has rope systems that can be replaced by either steel wires or multi-link chains same as bicycles. Staircase lift's motor turns either a spool to reel-in and reel-out the cable.The stairway lift is controlled by the armrest-mounted toggle button and remote control handsets. These lift chair controls are very useful especially if there is more than one stair lift user in the household. Stair lifts are usually backed-up with battery, especially those modern manufactured stairway lifts, so in the event of power outages the lift will continue to function normally.Stairlifts are probably the most inexpensive accessibility-lifting device. They are easy to operate and can be installed in less than one day without any major adjustments to your existing belongings. Stair lifts are available in two types that determine the configuration of your staircase. These are the straight and curved staircases.StraightStraight staircase lifts are very indispensable and the most commonly used lifting machine than the curved ones. The reason for these is because they are reasonably cheaper giving less than half the price of new curved lifts and easier to install as they are available ready-made and can be fitted to any straight staircase without any problem. Straight lifts are available as both new and reconditioned models. Rentals are only offered on straight stairway lifts.CurvedCurved stair lifts are merely use on staircases that has curves or bends and turns in them. They are custom made to fit a particular stairway making it highly unlikely to find a used or reconditioned curved rail stairlift to match a particular stairway. Curved rails permit installations to travel over half landings and around corners. The installation usually takes a little longer like a couple of weeks.CostStairlift prices are affected by several factors including the model of the lift, special options, and stairway configuration and manufacturer. The average price for a straight rail lift ranges from £1600 - £2500 while a curved rail stairway lift would be £4000 - £8000.Another factor is the cost of governing a good quality subsequent to sales service. Lacking sufficient servicing, your stairway-lifting machine will not last for longer use. Each installation cost will be different due to each staircase configurations and options available for customers' needs.SafetyModern stairway lifts are tremendously safe and dependable because new machinery means that electronic and mechanical brakes are impossible to happen. There are stairlifts that have digital displays while some models come with sensors that detects any obstruction on the staircase, which will then automatically stop. Other safety features include: breaking systems, lockable on off switch, and swivel seats and seat belts.Stair lifts are perfect to help you promote the mobility in your home. Staircase lifts are also available for some outdoor steps and stairs. They are fitted with many safety features, to ensure that you can use them with confidence.

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