Hey..not asking for money. My daughter is multiply disabled and we live in a 2 story home. She weighs almost 80lbs now and it is really hard to carry her up and down the stairs for baths. She has a waiver that is paying for $10,000 of the stairlift (YES, they really do cost that much..I couldn't believe it!) but we have to come up with about $2000. Hubby is in school full time and works fulltime so he has no extra time to get additional work and with her health needs I can't work. I have to be available at a momemt's notice for her and have never found a job to accomodate that.....SO, anyone have good ideas for fund raisers or know of any funding sources that we could utilize. She has Medicaid and they don't cover stairlifts...apparently it's not medically necessary for her to be CLEAN. The lady from medicaid told me just to give her spongebaths...I told HER to take spongebaths for a week and see how SHE felt...anyway, I digress. Any ideas?
Thank you so much to everyone who offered contructive and helpful ideas. I woud like to state that we do not expect the government to care for our child. She does have more health needs than others and therefore her insurance puts out more money. As far as the taxpayer..it is FAR cheaper for us to keep her at home with help from medicaid and other waivers then it would be to put her in a residential facility. Residential facilities START at 15,000 month just for a child to live there...that's not counting the g tube supplies, pullups, oxygen, formula, other equipment, and medications she would need. Get off your high horse and put yourself in someone elses shoes. So, you raise two daughters...and you did that with absolutely no help? Wow, tht's amazing...and completely unbelievable.


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