If you think you need a stair lift in your house the level of choice available can be quite overwhelming. It's difficult to know where to start your research or even appreciate what kind of stair lift you need. We've explained the main kinds of stairlifts to bring you up to speed, so you can go out and find the perfect chair lift for your needs.
Straight Stairlift
The original type of stairlift and still one of the most commonly installed chair lifts. If you have a simple staircase which leads directly upwards then the straight stairlift is perfect.
You should look for a comfortable chair that looks well built and reliable. The chairs from the best manufacturers fold which allows people using the stair normally to be unaffected by the installation.
Curved Stairlift
Not all homes have stairs that go straight up, if you have curved stairs or if you have a mini landing you will need a curved stairlift. These often require a more complicated installation and in most case will require the rail that the chair rides on to be specially made to measure. However don't worry as curved stairlifts are very common and amongst retailers best selling models.
Hinged Rail Stairlift
Sometimes the layout of your home isn't really perfectly suited to a stairlift, perhaps you have a doorway near the foot of your stairs. If this is the case a hinged rail can be a real life saver. This means the over hang of the rail at either end of the stairs can be lifted to avoid anyone tripping or not being able to pass buy. Some of the most sophisticated stairlifts even have automatic hinges meaning you wouldn't need someone at the other end of the stairs to check the rail was located properly. This gives a stair lift user real independence and freedom.
Outdoor Stairlift
Just because you might be having difficulty with stairs doesn't mean you don't want to spend time in your garden. If your house is on a different level to your outside space - an outdoor stairlift can be a great addition. They work in the same way as any traditional indoor lift but are especially built to withstand the worst the British weather can throw at them. They are built to require less maintenance and won't be affected by rain, sun or snow.
Hopefully that's explained what the different types of stairlifts are so you feel better informed to decide which type you need.

Stannah are the family run but internationally know manufacturer of stairlifts, access and passenger lifts. Stannah.com.


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