Stairlifts are essential devices for disabled people to help them go up and down stairways. With these tools disabled people are not limited to living in one-story dwellings.
Stairlifts are generally devices that are mounted on the wall and that hook onto a wheelchair. A mechanical motor then transports the wheelchair up or down the stairs.
Some stairlifts also have their own chair where the disabled person can sit in. These are particularly useful if the person can walk but does not have the ability to go up and down the stairs by themselves.
As we know, not all stairways are straight. Some stairways are curved and that demands a particular kind of stairlift, also known as the curved stairlift.
Curved stairlifts are generally more expensive than the straight type because they have to be custom manufactured or specially adapted for the particular stairwell. This process involves measurement and custom design as well.
There are several companies that specialize in stairlifts.
One of these companies is Easy Step Stairlifts, which are located in the United Kingdom. They provide new, reconditioned, and curved stairlifts to the general public. The manufacturer models that they carry include stairlifts from Brooks, Bison Bede, Liberator, Meditek, Minivator and Thyssen.
Apart from selling stairlifts, Easy Step Stairlifts also do stairlift repair and servicing.
Savaria Concord Lifts is another stairlifts company that you can consider. They are located in Québec, Canada and carry curved as well as straight stairlifts.
They have been in business for over 30 years and their customers can choose from different models, sizes, features and finishes, and can even have wheel chair lifts, stairlifts and elevators custom-made to fit their requirements.
Savaria Concord Lifts sell their stairlifts through authorized dealers.
A stairlift for your home does not only have to be strong and reliable, they also have to be attractive because they are very prominent features in the home. In addition, they also have to be easy to use for the disabled person to go up and down the stairs.
It is best to speak with the professionals about a curved stairlift because it is definitely not a do-it-yourself task.

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