ThyssenKrupp Access is a trusted stairlift manufacturer in the US, offering practical stairlift models for straight staircases as well as curved staircases. ThyssenKrupp Access stairlifts that can be used on straight staircases include the Citia stairlift and the Excel® stairlift.The Citia stairlift comes in 6 types with different seating options. They are Standard, Standard Plus, Select, Excel, Silver and Star. Citia stairlifts are provided with AC powered and battery powered motor. These lifts can be easily upgraded, and the seats are interchangeable. The Select, Silver and Excel lifts of Citia have shuttles for transporting cargo along with people. Citia stairlifts have obstruction sensors as a safety measure to avoid damages. The standard stairlift has a plastic seat and the installation process is quick and easy.  The Standard Plus lift has a desert sand cloth seating which can be easily cleaned. The seating of the Select model can be conveniently folded up so that others can use the stairways without obstruction. Extra cushioning and desert sand cloth upholstery are the other features of the Select model. Multiple color selection and foldable arms are the specialties of the Excel model. The Silver model has the highest lifting capacity of 375lbs. The Star model features traditional remote pendant control and has more color options for the seating fabric. The Excel® stairlift, which is the best selling stairlift, has plenty of features such as folding rail, comfortable seating with swivels, padded armrest, wireless remote control facility for easy access, and obstruction sensors among others.There are two ThyssenKrupp Access stairlift models for curved stair ways - Flow II stairlift and Stair-Glide® stairlift. The Flow II is a luxurious product that can be used in complex staircases. It is characterized by easy-to-use armrest control, obstruction sensor, and distinctive light-touch swivel release lever. This equipment is customizable to blend with your home decor. The Flow II stairlifts are battery powered and can be charged using household current.  The Stair-Glide® stairlift has different color options. This lift has wired remote control facility, folding rail at lower landing, constant pressure switch, options for wireless remote control and constant pressure joystick.Watch out for your suitable stairlift model from ThyssenKrupp Access and purchase it from your nearest dealer.

ThyssenKrupp Access stairlifts provided by Day Elevator and Lift help people with limited accessibility to lead a happy and active lifestyle. Stair lifts are available for both indoor and outdoor environments of residential and commercial establishments.

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