ThyssenKrupp Access is one of the leading companies in the US, manufacturing quality accessibility products, specially designed to meet the needs of the aged and the disabled. With a range of accessibility products suitable for both commercial and non-commercial purposes in residential apartments, hospitals and commercial establishments, every product from ThyssenKrupp Access maintains the highest standards in quality and workmanship. The Stair-Glide stairlift from TK Access is one of the best selling models in the curved stairlift category with excellent features incorporated for daily usage.With customization options available, the Stair-Glide lift is easy to install on both spiral and curved staircases in buildings. No costly modifications are required as the main installation unit required is a track which is attached to the stairs, along which the lift moves. The Stair-Glide lift can be used both indoors and outdoors, and for outdoor use, the unit has an outdoor package which includes weather resistant canvas covers to protect the lift from adverse weather conditions.TK Access’s Stair-Glide stairlift has a lot of exceptional features and some of the built-in features include:• Load carrying capacity of 300 pounds (135kg)• Rack and pinion drive system• U.L, CSA and c/U.L. listing• Incline limits from 25º to 45º• Remote controls for easier accessTo ensure a smooth, stable and comfortable ride, the Stair-Glide stairlift features the SoftStart technique, developed by ThyssenKrupp Access for gentle acceleration of stairlifts. Safety measures are given top priority for every product designed at ThyssenKrupp Access. With built-in footrest obstruction sensors, the Stair-Glide lift is capable of detecting obstacles on its path and can instantly halt its operation to prevent damage to the lift system. The lift can automatically resume its operations, once the obstacle is removed. For additional safety, seat belts are also provided as a standard feature.TK Access’s Stair-Glide Stairlift, apart from its intended purpose of serving disabled persons can also be used to carry household items such as laundry upstairs and downstairs. All Stair-Glide lifts come with many additional optional components such as upholstered hand-rests for wraparound arms, joystick control on arms, manual lowering devices, hand-held pendant controls, over-speed brakes and folding rails. Clients can also choose from various upholstery options for fabrics including burgundy, royal, shadow and oatmeal herringbone.Maintaining these Stair-Glide Stairlifts is now easy with ThyssenKrupp Access providing a 5 year warranty coverage on the drive train and two year warranty on component parts. Further, the increased number of lift installation and maintenance firms in the US and the easy availability of TK Access lift components guarantee users a trouble-free and smooth ride for years to come.

Day Elevator and Lift is a premier supplier of ThyssenKrupp Access's Stair-Glide stair lift. The Stair-Glide curved stair lift is designed perfectly to fit in staircases that are curved or spiral and which have in-between landing zones.

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