When disabled or elderly people are buying new stairlifts, they often overlook the a vital feature - safety.

This is usually because they sacrifice safety in favour of finding the cheapest deal.

However, stairlift safety features are the most important parts of any stair lift.

Luckily most new stairlifts come with a host of safety features that will protect you, and anyone else who uses the staircase, from injury or harm.

Multicare Stairlifts high-tech safety features such as a lockable on/off switch, limit sensors, DC operation, mechanical and electrical braking systems, Smooth start stop motion and swivel seats.

Multicare's competitively priced hey will come with the most advanced safety features available as standard, whether they are new stair lifts, reconditioned stair lifts or rental stair lifts.

Stairlifts come with built in safety sensors which automatically detect anything that may be in the way of the stairlift.

When they do detect something, they bring the stairlift to a standstil.

The sensors are highly effective and will detect anything in the stair lifts path. Most new stairlifts will come with six to eight safety sensors.

Another vital safety feature is pressure-sensitive safety surfaces. These prevent the stair lift from colliding with any obstruction on the stairway.

They are usually located around the footrest - at the top and bottom of the carriage.

Ensuring the stairlift has Limit sensors means it will always stops in the correct position.

A lockable on/off switch will offer vital protection because it prevent others - particularly children - from using or activating the stairlift.

DC stairlifts run off batteries there is no risk of receiving an electric shock when the stairlift is running. So make sure the stairlift has 24 Volt DC operation.

Dual mechanical and electrical braking systems prevents the stairlift descending uncontrollably should the motor fail.

The stairlift should have with a smooth start stop motion for those people with bad backs. This eliminates this risk of injury through jerky start stop motions.

And a swivel seat allows the user to safely dismount from the stair lift at the top of the stairs.

Specifically, a swivel seat acts as a barrier that prevents the user from falling back down the stairs.

If you are still unsure it is best find out if your stairlift meets the British Safety Standard BS5776. Visit www.multicare.co.uk for more information.

Multicare Stairlifts is an accredited NHS provider of community equipment, specialising in supplying community equipment to help people who have recently been discharged from hospital or who find it difficult to get around the home.

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