Stairlifts are a huge benefit to modern society.

Thanks to stairlifts, people with mobility problems don't need to move from their home to a bungalow or have their home adapted so they can stay on one floor.

Elderly or disabled people can stay in their own homes where their surroundings are familiar. Many find independence and feel liberated.

Whether the staircase is straight, curved, a spiral, or even outdoors, a stair lift can be fitted onto them. The stairlift chair runs on a track following the shape of the stairs.

Although stair lifts run on mains electricity, a popular alternative is the battery powered  back-up stairlift which is on continuous charge. So the stair lift can be used during a power cut.

Quite simply, a stair lift carries a person from one floor to another.

Stairlifts are a great health and safety device - massively reducing the number of accidents in the home.

The stress and cost of moving to a bungalow is not worth the trouble when stairlifts are readily available.

Leaving a home can be heart-breaking because of neighbours or happy memories.But the worse problem will be the ruinous expense.

With estate agent's fees, stamp duty, and the expense of buying new furniture to fit - the bill could be in excess of £10,000.

The other possibility is adapting the home.

Adapting the home is another option - but this would be expensive and disruptive. Plus it greatly reduces spaces.

So installing a stair lift not only makes practical sense, but economic sense too.

Stair lifts can even be match home décor these days - because they are available in a range of colours.

This is only a brief introduction to the benefits of stairlifts.

If you want more information, all the main stairlift manufacturers have good websites.

However, it is beneficial to talk to an independent retailer - such as Multicare Stairlifts.

Multicare Stairlifts is an accredited NHS provider of community equipment, specialising in supplying community equipment to help people who have recently been discharged from hospital or who find it difficult to get around the home.

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