Straight stairlifts is a chair placed on the side of your stairs that will take you up them without having to walk. These are especially useful if you have any kinds of disabilities or illnesses which restrict you from climbing stairs or make climbing stairs difficult.

Straight stairlifts only go straight up the stairs meaning that they are ideal if you have one set of stairs that don’t bend round corners.

Getting into and out of these straight stairlifts have been made easier to get into and out of in the last few years. Many of them will swivel around when you get the the top or bottom of the stairs allowing you to easily get out of the chair without having to twist. The lifts are also really easy to use, all you have to do is press a button and hey presto the chair will move up the stairs. Straight stairlifts get off to smooth and easy starts and also stop very smoothly allowing for a easier experience.

You can get many different types of seats for straight stairlifts which is very good because you can get very comfortable chairs and many different materials can be used, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties in finding the perfect chair for you. Straight stairlifts are also easy to store, they are very thin allowing for the stairs to be used still anyway but if you do still need more space then the chair can be folded away allowing for more space on the stairs

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