Stair lifts can be used with ease, safety and reliable. It can be used by people from all walks of life. It normally has a soft start so the user is not shocked and jerked as it starts to move. It is largely operated by the used of controls placed on the arm of it. stair lifts This switch enables users to use stair lift safely and easily even with painful condition or limited mobility.There are different types of stair lift they are straight rail, curved rail, out door and wheelchair platform. The most common type is the straight rail stair lift, it is used in private with a straight stairs that have a straight rail which is placed to the step of the can't turn corners, it can only travel in straight lines. It requires fewer customizing that's why it has a shorter time of installation and manufacturing. The more unusual and costly type is the curved rail stair lift, it has to be manufactured to suit the curved staircase. It has to be manufactured, designed and measured carefully. It takes a longer installation process sometimes it follows stair's standard. The outdoor stair lift is sold world-wide. It comes with perches, seats and footplates. It is similar to indoor but it is more improved. The wheelchair plat form stair lift is usually used outside private homes and it is also used in public access buildings. It is big enough to lift and accommodate the wheelchair and the user. Some platforms are built and designed to order.Stair lifts usually have an automatic switch that is connected to safety and protective devices so that if something goes wrong the drive power is disconnected. Modern lift has a higher level of comfort but safety always comes first. Stair lifts have safety edges that ensure security if there is obstruction. There are some manufacturers that produce stair lifts with tray for goods that can be moved between different levels in commercial buildings.

It is known by other names like stair-lifts, chair lifts, stair lifts and stair gliders.  It is mechanical device that lift people and wheelchair up and downstairs. For wide stairs rail is fixed to treads of a stair and a lifting platform is attached to it. The user on the chair is lifted as the platform moves along. It has a variety of features like seatbelt, adjustable seat height, battery operated switches, folding step, soft start and soft stop and others

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