Many people struggle during their daily lives with moving from place to place, especially when stairs are involved. What should be a simple task, such as walking up and down the stairs, can seem extremely daunting.  This shouldn't be the case, especially not in your own home so here's one quick and easy solution: a stairlift.

Stair lifts can be referred to as many different things, including stair chair lifts, stairway chair lifts, stairlifts and a stairs lift. However, regardless of the name you choose to call it, a stairlift is primarily a piece of equipment which enables people who find what some of us take for granted, walking up and down the stairs, difficult. All you have to do is simply sit on the seat of the stairlift, put on the safety belt, press the button and hey presto you made it. You're at the top of the stairs without anymore effort than moving one finger. Plus, it's certainly much safer and quicker than walking.  Stairlifts can be adapted to your stairs, and therefore can come as either curved or straight stairlifts.

So now you know what a stair lift is and does; you want to know the benefits of having one. Benefits of stairlifts are both physical and psychological, including making you more confident, making stairs quicker and easier to navigate, reducing any pain previously caused by tackling the stairs and eliminating the challenge that stairs once were.

One of the benefits of stairlifts is that they will make that awful task of climbing the stairs a lot quicker for you which means you will have more time to do the things you enjoy in life, such as reading a book or spending time with loved ones. As well as making it quicker, a stair lift will also make the stairs a lot safer for you. This is because you are much less likely of injuring yourself due to a nasty fall. This is especially true because stairlifts have many safety features that are there to ensure you have a safe journey. Consequently, stairlifts allow you to be swift and safe at ascending and descending the stairs, as well as making sure you arrive smoothly.

Another benefit of stairlifts is that they will enable you to significantly reduce the pain that going up and down the stairs causes, for example when your knees hurt from putting too much strain on them. There are consequently even special stairlifts available for people who find bending their knees difficult. This type of stair lift has proved popular on a worldwide scale. For those who do find that pain kicks in every time they tackle the stairs, the stairlifts can reduce or completely eliminate that pain, therefore significantly improving the overall quality of your life. In my opinion, the cost of a stairlift is a very small price to pay for that benefit alone.

Stair lifts also have the additional benefit of allowing you to dramatically increase your confidence levels both in yourself and in your home. You would no longer feel like a prisoner restricted to the ground floor; you would be free to appreciate all the floors and furthermore rooms of your home equally.

As well as all the above benefits stairlifts could bring into your life, they also have another. This is potentially the most important benefit. Stair lifts mean you don't have to move out of the home you love. So if you've been thinking that the only way to solve the issue you have with stairs is to move to a house without any stairs, think again. A stairlift can take away all of the challenge, pain and worry that can come with having stairs without you having to change anything apart from the addition of the stairlift itself. Stairlifts even allow full access to the stairs for other people that don't want or need to use it thanks to the folding up nature of it.

So, at first glance, stairlifts may seem like an unnecessary hassle. However, given one extra moments look, stair lifts do in fact allow you to regain your confidence and give your life the lift it needs.

Acorn Stairlifts is an international, privately owned company formed in 1992. Whose headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in the heart of Yorkshire, in Northern England.


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