Stairlifts are a relief to mobility impaired individuals and help them to easily access the different floors in their homes and offices. In the olden days, physically disabled people employed caretakers to assist them in climbing stairs. But caretakers are expensive to maintain; moreover, the presence of another person constantly at one’s side might seriously affect the privacy of individuals. With the arrival of stair lifts, physically disabled people began to use stairlifts for their daily needs. For stair chair lifts you need to make only an initial payment when purchasing them. After that these can be used for many years with minimum maintenance. Considering the requirements of physically disabled people, many models of stair lifts with different features have been introduced in the market. Stairlifts for both indoor and outdoor purposes are available. Outdoor chair lifts are specifically designed for outdoor purposes. Most of the outdoor chair lifts have features such as weather resistant covering, powder coated painting for protection from weather, electrical enclosure for protection against rain and mist and more.   Stairlifts are available in models such as straight rail stair chair lift and curved rail stair chair lift. Straight rail stair chair lifts are used for straight stairways and curved rail stair chair lifts are used for curved stairways. Straight rail stair chair lifts are commonly used and are more economical than curved rail stair chair lifts. Stairlifts can be operated using AC as well as DC power. Stair lifts which have the option of battery powered operation can be used even during power failures. You can now purchase hydraulic chair lifts also.Most of the stairlifts are provided with excellent safety features for the security of the stairway lift user. Most branded stairway lifts have safety belt. Some stair lifts have sensors to detect obstructions on the path of the lift. These sensors make the lift stop when they detect such obstacles, thus avoiding damage to the equipment and injury to the user. Some stairlifts meant for the disabled have remote control facility for flexible use. Luxurious chair lifts with various features and upholstery color selections that match the interior settings of the house, office, or business space are available. Always take care to buy branded stairway lifts for long lasting and comfortable use. Bruno, Thyssenkrupp Access, and Savaria Concord are some of the leading brands in stairlifts. There are nationwide dealers who sell different models of branded stair chair lifts with a variety of distinctive features. Individuals can depend on these dealers for purchase, installation and maintenance of the stair lifts.

Day Elevator & Lift, a premier provider of stair lifts, elevators and wheelchair lifts for residential and commercial applications throughout the tri-state area, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut.

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