Stairlifts are helpful and affordable accessibility equipments, which provide safe and comfortable movement for the physically disabled and elderly individuals. In order to offer more convenience for mobility challenged individuals, stairlifts designed for commercial applications are now available in the industry. Enables Easy Floor to Floor Access in Commercial Places By using this accessibility equipment individuals with mobility constraints are able to move between the floors without depending on others. Stairlifts suitable for straight and curved models of stairways are available. So it is not required to modify the stairway structure. It is possible to mount this equipment either on the left or right side of the stairway according to your requirement. The different options provided in these stairway lifts can be customized. Models suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes can be bought. The outdoor models are provided with sufficient weather resistant features so as to tackle the tough exterior weather conditions. Designed with Comfort and Safety In order to provide the user with safe and comfortable movement, the stair lifts are provided with enhanced safety measures. These include seat belts, swivel seat, safety braking system, obstruction sensors and more. The obstruction sensor tracks the obstacles on the moving path of the lift. It helps to stop the lift automatically when it encounters an obstruction. Thus it helps to avoid injury to the user and damage to the lift. The folding feature included enables to keep the lift folded when it is not in use. This allows other users to use the stairways when required. You can buy stairlifts which can be operated using AC or DC power. The DC models are provided with battery backups and are therefore far more expensive than the AC models. The Right Product Makes the Difference At present a wide range of stair lifts designed for commercial applications is available. Before deciding to buy a model, it is important to identify your unique requirements. It is also essential to make a comparison of the included facilities and price tags of the available models. Always take care to purchase branded products. The renowned manufacturers offering excellent stairlifts include Bruno, Savaria Concord and ThyssenKrupp Access. The dealers of these branded products provide the required assistance in installation and maintenance.

High quality stairlifts available for commercial applications. DAY Elevator & Lift supplies a variety of commercial mobility solutions. The commercial products we supply include stair lifts, wheelchair lifts and elevators.


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