Stairlifts are a supportive innovation of the modern era as they are a better help for the disabled. Stair lifts are therefore more than mere symbols of luxury. They have a wider application in the lives of many individuals. A stairlift is usually a mobility device with a chair safely attached to a wall or stair. It does not matter whether your residence has a straight or curved staircase, as stairlifts are available for both applications.A Reliable Solution for the Physically Challenged Many people still doubt whether stairlifts are reliable solutions for physically challenged individuals. Several models of stairlifts are available with various options and facilities, ensuring secure rides. Every stairlift is provided with a safety belt to protect the individual from falling. Safety sensors are provided to monitor the safety of riders. Stairlifts include either a soft joystick option or remote control system to control the lift. Stairlifts also consist of several other features such as footrest, comfortable armrests, battery backup, and more. Besides these features, each stairlift comes with unique options providing maximum comfort and safety for physically challenged individuals.Great Variety of Stair Lifts Available There are several companies that manufacture safe and smooth riding stairlifts suiting the needs of the physically challenged people. Bruno, Savaria Concord, and ThyssenKrupp Access are some of the popular companies providing quality stairlifts. StairGlide, Levant, and Flow stairlifts from ThyssenKrupp Access, Bruno’s Electra-Ride LT and Electra-Elite stair lifts, and the Electra-Elite outdoor stair lifts, and Savaria Concord’s Step Saver Straight Stair Chair are some of the quality stairlifts which are truly a better help for the disabled. Dealers provide consistent and secure stair lifts from many leading brands with excellent customer support for selection and installation. Customized options as well as safety features often make stairlifts a better alternative to elevators. They also don’t require many structural modifications to the building.

The disabled stair lifts or handicap stair lifts are a blessing to physically challenged people. DAY Elevator & Lift provides stair lifts for disabled people in the Tri-State area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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