If you have been struck with a significantly reduced mobility, and it became risky for you or indeed impractical to walk up and down the stairs on your own, then this report is for you. You will learn about a way to use a stair lift for outdoor stairs. This can enable you to get out of the house at any time, without asking for help or putting your well-being at risk. The outdoor stairlift solution is not for everyone. Let's see what the pros and cons are of using an outdoor stairlift based on inspection of a Otolift Onyx Weatherproof Stairlift.O.K. Here we go! On the one side, there is Pro; In Favor:The first point favoring the use of Otolift Onyx Weatherproof Stairlift is that it is designed, manufactured, and serviced for to the highest standard of Otto Ooms company..A 2nd point in favor can be that Otolift Onyx is built in an extremely compact way.The 3rd supporting point shall be that each of the Otolift Onyxes is custom designed and fitted to your stairs. Everything from the initial measurements through the original "Photo-Measurement" process, through the CAD design, and finally the metal-bending process is done with your exact specs in mind..The 4th point in support of Otolift Onyx Weatherproof Stairlift shall be that Otolift Onyx is using only the best weatherproof materials for the seat, and rust-free aluminum for the rail, making it truly weather proof.And last (but not necessarily least) we have the 5th point in support which is their attention to safety - each Otolift Onyx comes with the swivel seat that allows for a safe entrance and exit at the top of the stairs, and with the jam-detectors that prevent collisions with accidental obstacles on the stairlifts path.And conversely, for balance, the Con side, against:The first point in contra for Otolift Onyx Weatherproof Stairlift will be the availability. As of this writing, Otolift Onyx is only available for service inside Europe, and the 24/7 service is only active within the confines of the Netherlands, which is not a big part of Europe. If they expanded to the North America, their reach and production could skyrocket.And the second negative point is that, due to their extensive customization and custom-made stairlifts, the delivery time is rather long, between two and five weeks.So there you have it, the good qualities and also the cons, the points in favor along with the points against.So, in your final analysis is Otolift Onyx Weatherproof Stairlift suitable for you or not?That decision rests on you. Otolift Onyx Weatherproof Stairlift definitely has a lot going for it and several drawbacks as well! You , the reader will need to decide which side, the positive or the negative, outweighs the other...

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