Lancashire-based Multicare Stairlifts has pledged to educate the public on using stairlifts when living with a serious illness.The company, which supplies stairlifts to local authorities and individuals, are publishing online advice to stairlifts users."Although it is terrible when someone becomes disabled, stairlifts can help reduce issues of mobility," says Martin Baldwin of Multicare."But there are some points to bear in mind for people with certain diseases."Multicare says that it can be painful for arthritis suffers to press the button which operate a stairlift because it can be painful - so using a joystick would make it easier.The other option if to control stairlifts remotely. Stairlifts are not suitable for some deterioration diseases.Although they might be a short term solution, stairlifts can actually be more dangerous. It is much better to use a wheelchair lift.For people who suffer from certain nerve damage illnesses, it can be extremely difficult to move.Getting a stairlift might be a vital in this circumstance because it is essential to day-to-day living.There are some grants available for certain diseases in Britain – the ‘Disabled Facilities Grants Scheme' for example. You cannot get this in Scotland, however, although local councils may be able to help.Used stairlifts might be a cheap alternative.Multicare has a selection of used stairlifts - which can be converted to suit individual needs.They might even pay you for an old stairlift if it is being replaced with a newer one.If you need to revamp of your house – such as having a new carpet put in place, the old stairlift can be removed and refitted in the same day if necessary.Stairlifts can even be refitted into a different house if needed so there is no need to worry about moving house if you have a stairlift already fitted.The stairlift company also produces a variety of mobility products and vertical lifts.For more information visit

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