Colne stairlift company, Multicare, is warning stairlift users to avoid injuries by not standing up on a normal stairlift."Standing up on a standard stairlift can be dangerous and even cause it to collapse," said Martin Baldwin of Multicare."There are some illnesses which prevent people bending their knees, so standard stairlifts are not suitable."For those who need to stand while travelling upstairs, a standing stairlift the correct alternative.Standing stairlifts allow users to balance properly while stood up - with height guards which act as a barrier.An advantage of standing stairlifts is that they take up much less space so they can be used on narrow staircases.Other dangers to consider when purchasing stairlifts includes child safety.If there are children around, make sure your stairlift has a lockout switch so it can't be operated by anyone else but the user. Stairlifts should work on 24 volts DC, so there is no risk of electric shocks.It is also vital to check that the stairlift works smoothly and in a controlled way – particularly when starting and stopping – to avoid neck injuries.Although there are some dangers to bear in mind, stairlifts have made life much easier for disabled and elderly people.The possibility of going upstairs was not even considered. But the introduction of stairlifts meant life suddenly became much easier for them - and moving up and down stairs is not a problem anymore.Stairlifts are a saviour for disabled people. They allow disabled people to have the freedom to move around their home.Multicare supplies stairlifts and mobility products to both local councils and individuals.The company also has a selection of used stairlifts - which can be converted to suit individual needs.It also produces a variety of mobility products and vertical lifts.For more information visit

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