Colne-based Multicare is warning its customers about the dangers of DIY stairlift installation.


Self-installation of stairlifts is becoming a common among keen DIYers who believe they can handle the task themselves, according to Multicare.


"In reality it is both unsafe and can even be more expensive to install them on your own," says Martin Baldwin, of Multicare.


"It's always sensible to get any professional working in the stairlifts and mobility equipment industry instead of attempting to install the stairlift yourself."


In most cases, the company says, there isn't much difference whether you use a professional or install a stairlift yourself.


Multicare insists that long term care and service make stairlifts more economical. If trained professionals install the products, the manufacturers will usually include a service within their installation package.


Professionals also provide safety measures to make certain that stairlifts are not dangerous.


"To ensure you and your family get the best possible care, hire a trained professional for the task of installing stairlifts," says Martin.


But what do you do when your staircase is so unusual that stairlifts don't work? This is another reason to consultant a professional, says Multicare. The answer could be an alternative such as vertical home lifts.


They have been developed specifically for unusual stairs.


Both easy-to-use and flexible, vertical home lifts offer various different features that make them simple to control.


"Regain the freedom of your home by travelling between floors smoothly, quietly and safely while in the vertical home lift," says Martin. "Why be restricted to the ground floor of your home? You don't need to move to a bungalow or ground floor flat.


"Operation is simple. Having called the lift from the easily accessible wall control switch, the car door can be opened by pressing a second switch."


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