One of the biggest problems that mobility specialists face is that the customer base is vulnerable.In a recent BBC Panorama programme, broadcast in August, the risks were highlighted when it showed the dangers of elderly people using a will-writing service.The lack of regulation has enabled many will writers to adopt high pressure selling techniques and end up stealing hundreds of pounds after using poorly worded terms and conditions.This illustrates that people need to be carefully when dealing with certain companies.Elderly or disabled individuals need reassurance and reputable stairlifts and mobility specialists which respond to their needs.It is a vital consideration because, as with any vulnerable section of the population, unscrupulous mobility companies can try to take advantage of the situation.A company's code of ethics is almost as important as the products themselves. This is not the case with many suppliers of stairlifts and mobility products.Multicare Stairlifts is a reputable firm, offering advice and help to buyers who find it difficult to understand.The company is an accredited NHS provider of community equipment, working in partnership with Occupational Therpaists, Social Services, and other prescribers.Martin Baldwin, Director at Multicare said: "We support the elderly and vulnerable across Lancashire with a range of mobility products for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom and many more items to make life around the house that little bit easier."Multicare Stairlifts believes effective communication is the key to exceptional customer service.Committed consultants are always available to lend a hand - and the telephone lines are open 24 hours a days, seven days a week, 365 days a year.One customer said: "Along with many elderly people, my parents feel vulnerable and unfortunately fall prey to unscruplous companies. However, I am pleased to deal with Multicare Stairlifts."We shall recommend the company to other people in the future."Multicare Stairlifts supplies stairlifts to both local councils and individuals.The company also has a selection of used stairlifts - which can be converted to suit individual needs.The stairlift company also produces a variety of mobility products and vertical lifts.For more information visit

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