Lancashire based stairlift company, Multicare, is pioneering a new idea which will save councils hundreds of thousands of pounds.The new idea means thousands of stair lifts will be recycled after they have been used.Stairlifts are generally wasted when they are no longer needed in the home - because they have been approved for a specific disabled person.But Multicare, which is working with several local councils on the project, is now converting used stairlifts and vertical lifts so they can be re-used by other customers - and therefore they will not be wasted.The company, which is based in North Valley Road, Colne, modifies the stair lifts in its in-house refurbishment facility.Martin Baldwin, Managing Director of Multicare, said: "We are one of the only companies in the country to recycle in this way."It's definitely a good idea. It's cost effective, it's good for the environment and it will save the government money."Not only will this help reduce Britain's carbon footprint, Mr Baldwin says, but it might help the current government reduce the deficit - with less funding needed for local councils.In the long-term, it may even help to reduce council tax.Recycling used stairlifts and vertical lifts can take half the time of manufacturing new ones - which saves time as well as energy.Mr Baldwin said: "This innovative idea is good for the country as a whole and we are proud to be one of the first to implement it."

"I hope other companies across the UK will adopt the same programme."


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