Lancashire-based Multicare is offering stairlift users the chance to purchase one of its stairlifts for the same price as an NHS stairlift.


Council cuts have meant that those who want to purchase council stairlifts would have to wait at least 18 months.


But because Multicare works in association with the NHS, it is able to offer discounts on its products – bringing private stairlifts to the same price as council ones - without the long wait.


John Metcalfe, Joint Director at Multicare, said: "Users will have the comfort factor of a quality private sector stairlift but with a reduced waiting time and no extra cost.


"This is the perfect opportunity for those in need of a new stairlift to obtain one without having to wait for over a year."


Multicare Stairlifts, which is based on North Valley Road, Colne, is an accredited NHS provider of community equipment. It offers a helping hand to those in need of living aides.


It works in partnership with Occupational Therapists, Social Services and other prescribers to help them select items from a wide-ranging list of mobility equipment.


Customers can bring in their NHS prescription to Multicare Stairlifts' showroom and collect their items. An additional delivery service is available, where Multicare will assemble the equipment for the prescribers.


Multicare also provides and installs mobility products - including stairlifts, scooters, riser/recliners, wheelchairs, bath lifts and living aids - to individuals and councils all over the North West.


The company supplies high quality and affordable products - both new and used – offering easy payment options and rental schemes to assist with this.


Multicare also offers services that take away additional hassle and cost – including a lifetime guarantee, an annual inspection report and free repairs.


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