Multicare Stairlifts has expanded its service further into the Blackburn area.


The company, which supplies a selection of stairlifts, vertical lifts and mobility products, now operates throughout the whole of the Lancashire region.


Not only will Multicare deliver stairlifts to anywhere in the area, but its busy service department handles all services and repair.


This extends to most leading makes of stairlifts, scooters and other mobility equipment. Friendly engineers will carry out stairlift repairs quickly and efficiently.


Services within their package include an annual inspection report and any repair work carried out free of charge. All breakdowns and required for repair will be supplied free of charge provided they are carried out during normal working hours.


Multicare Stairlifts works in partnership with Occupational Therapists, Social Services and other prescribers to help select items from a wide-ranging list of mobility equipment.


Customers can bring in their NHS prescription to Multicare Stairlifts' showroom and collect their items. An additional delivery service is available, where Multicare will assemble the equipment for the prescribers.


The company will help you and your family, once again, have full use of your home.


Mobility products become essential to modern living as you get older and it's important to choose one that's right for you.


By supplying high quality and affordable products, Multicare provides a fantastic selection of stairlifts, vertical lifts and mobility products.


Whatever type of staircase you have, Multicare has the perfect solution. Stairlifts such as the Flow 2 Stairlift are ideal for tight spaces. For a stairlift which elegantly blends in with your home, the HomeGlide Straight Stairlift is ideal.


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