Stairlifts are employed to transfer people from one portion of their home to the other by way of a mobile chair. There are some individuals who are handicapped or because of health conditions are not able to walk up and down their stairs. The lifts are built right along the stairway and let the person to sit in comfort while it transports them up or down the levels of their home.There are dozens of companies that make the contrasting types of stairlifts that individuals need. Every last one of these companies are contrasting in their own way and extend safety features and accessories that are essential when you require a lift to use in your house. But none is more well known then Acorn Stairlifts.Acorn was started as a family business in 1992. They began the company by selling new and used stairlifts and reselling them to their customers. The used models would be renovated and completely fixed like new before they were resold. This was able to work for a number of years until they acknowledged that in order to enlarge the company they had to do business in a different way.In order to supply their clients with the safest stairlifts they understood that they would need to produce their own lifts. The first lift that they created was named the Acorn Superglide stairlift and even now it is still their most popular product.Customers were glad with their lifts and it did not take long for their reputation to spread to other people that they had some of the greatest on the market at low-cost prices. The growing influx of clients granted Acorn to enlarge its business and to produce more models that were better.

Through the years they have used the promotion in technology to better the models they develop and to create new designs that would best aid their clients. Acorn stairlifts now serves thousands of customers from the U.S. and other foreign countries who choose from over 30,000 different models that they produce.

Acorn Lifts are one of the best manufacturers because they are able to make some of the best Stairlift Accessories and models for their customers.


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