Understanding the major parts that make a stairlift is important if you are going to be an owner of it. This is because by regularly keeping the stairlift in good condition, you are assured of a functioning lifting system that can last for very long. A good stairlift by a top range manufacturers can last for at least 5 years without any significant malfunctions.

We can start by introducing the track system which is the largest part of the stairlift. The track is an important part of the lift because it is where the chair will be moving along to the next level. There are straight and curved tracks depending on the shape of the stairways at home. The tracks are manufactured in modular parts so as to easily assemble on the spot. The tracks are held together by bolts at the edges and you should always ensure that they are tightly bound together. It is always better to let the assembling of the stairlift be done by the expert technicians instead of doing it yourself.

Inside the stair lift track holds the drive belt system. This is an important system of the stair lift because it basically moves the chair  between the two landing points. It operates like the traditional pulley system as it pulls the user up one end and rotating down the other.The drive belt is also susceptible to damages because it is often used and undergoes more stress than any other parts of the stair lift. This is especially so if the lift carries heavy things like electric wheelchairs on its platform. In order to maintain the drive belt system, it is always best to take out dirty items like hair and papers that will restrict the normal movements of the drive belt.

Therefore, it is important that you learn how to manage the track and the drive belt system because they keep the lift system running smoothly.More concern to you is the cost involved if any of these breaks down. It is troublesome as well as expensive to change any of these parts of a stairlift.

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