How to install a summit Stair lift

Ever wonder how easy it is to install a Summit stair lift? Well, look no further because the masterminds at have laid out step by step instructions to make it possible.

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Step 1: Get required tools: 5/32 allen wrench, 7/16  & 9/16 open end wrench, Phillips screw driver, 3/8 socket on 8" extension in an electric or cordless drill.

Make sure you have all your tools laid out and in place ahead of time.

Step 2: Unpack everything from the three boxes you will receive. One box has the two pieces of track and all the brackets, screws, etc. Another box has the actual carriage on a short piece of track... this is heavy and what works best is carrying it all the way to the top of the stairs so that it's ready when the time comes to use it. The third box has your seat assembly.

Step 3: Set up your bottom track and secure it off of the floor with a small book... just make sure the track is not touching the floor. Take your call / send switch and hook it up to the receptor at the bottom of the track. Run the wiring all the way up to the end of the bottom track on the side slots provided.

Step 4: Connect the middle track to the bottom track by loosening the fasteners inside of the middle track and connecting it to the bottom track. Once connected, tighten down.

Step 5: Connect your top track to your middle track by using the same process listed above. You now have one long continuous piece of track. Make sure your call / send wire is ran along the entire length of track in the side slots provided.

Step 6: Install brackets onto provided connecting points along track. A good rule of thumb is to connect a bracket on either side every two to three steps.

Step 7: Once you have the track leveled and in place, tighten down all brackets on desired steps.

Step 8: Fasten all brackets to staircase by using your drill and the screws provided

Step 9: Locate and remove the piece of steel used to hold the carriage in place. Loosen and move limit switches to the bottom and top of track.

Step 10: Install seat onto carriage and level the footrest, carriage, and chair. You can do this by loosening the screws on either side of the carriage. There are four altogether. Loosen but do not remove. Move entire unit to desired level and tighten down.

Step 11: Plug in unit and insure that safety mechanisms are working and that the chairlift responds properly to up and down motions of the rocker switch and call / send buttons.

Step 12: Test Drive - Give it a go and have fun

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