Home elevators and stairlifts are excellent and safe accessibility solutions. With these equipments, physically disabled and aged individuals can overcome their access constraints up to a certain extent.Improve the Value of Your Home with Quality Home ElevatorsHome elevators are not merely luxury equipment. Apart from adding elegance and worth to your home, these are of great utility value for older members of the family. Besides, these can also be used for moving things such as furniture, luggage, groceries, laundry and other items between the floors. In order to ensure the safety of the users, home elevators are designed with exceptional safety features. These include emergency alarm and light, telephone system, interlocks for doors, battery backups, emergency stop buttons and more. Space-saving options are also provided in the different models. Further, to match with your home decoration, customization of wall panels and other elements is also possible. These elevators can accommodate loads up to 950 lbs. The operating speed is around 40fpm.Cost-effective and Handy Stairlifts for Your Home Home stair lifts are cost-effective mobility equipment, enabling comfortable access to the various floors of a residential building. You can buy stairlift models suitable for straight and curved stairways. Therefore this equipment can be installed without making any structural modifications to your home. For ensuring the safety of the users, stairlifts are designed with swivel seat, padded armrest and safety belts. The obstruction sensors help to stop the lift automatically, when obstructions are detected on its course. This facility eliminates any possibility of the user getting injured and the lift getting damaged. The folding feature helps to keep the lift folded when it is not in use. This is a space-saving facility, leaving the stairways free for those who are using the stairs. Based on your requirements, stairlifts can be customized. At present AC and DC models of stair lifts are available. The DC model stairlifts are integrated with battery backups and therefore power outages are not a problem anymore. When compared to the AC models, DC models are much more expensive.Choose the Best Product in the Industry When purchasing home elevators and stair lifts, it is best to buy from reliable manufacturers. The leading manufacturers in the industry offering quality products include ThyssenKrupp Access, Federal Elevator, Savaria Concord and Bruno. Proper evaluation about your requirements and budget is very essential before making the purchase.

DAY Elevator & Lift is the premier provider of residential accessibility solutions in the Tri-State area offering a wide selection of products and services, including stairlifts, dumbwaiters, wheelchairs lifts, pool lifts, home elevators, commercial elevators and home modifications.

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