Excel stairlifts with wireless remote control ensure increased mobility and independence to physically challenged people. These Excel stairlifts offer quicker movement from one floor to another, compared to other stair lifts. Nowadays, different models of these stair lifts are available in the market for residential and commercial applications. They are conceptualized for both indoor and outdoor use.Excel stairlifts are the perfect solutions to move up and down your stairs, safely, comfortably and effortlessly. With the major lift manufacturers coming up with new and original models, it would really be a daunting task for individuals unfamiliar with stairlift technologies to select the right model. Most of the wireless remote control Excel stairlifts come with armrests and footrests positioned on tracks. By installing Excel stair lifts with wireless remote control, the risk of accidents such as slipping or falling down the stairs can be avoided to a certain level. Excel stairlifts with wireless remote control, can have a sizable number of features and are appropriate for your individual needs and budget.

Excel stairlifts have the following features:•    Safe rack and gear drive system ensuring a smooth and quiet operation•    Padded armrests, which give an extra secure feeling•    Easy to use wireless remote control; you can get on or off the stair lift with confidence.•    Comfortable contour seat which swivels away from the stair and locks into place at each landing.•    Stairlift folds away to a tight 14" away from the wall •    Folding footrest and seat The Excel stairlift is also designed with joystick, handheld pendant or button controls, therefore it can be used by those with limited hand mobility. The smooth operation of the motor gives a comfortable ride and all control buttons are handy and easy to use which enables the rider to control the lift with ease. There are multiple safety features and user friendly features built into each wireless remote control Excel stair lift.Highly sensitive sensors in this lift will automatically identify obstacles blocking its path and thereby help to prevent damage to the lift or object. When the path is cleared, the Excel stairlift automatically continues its operation. With these safety features, these stair lifts are ideal for persons with limited mobility caused by old age, diseases or accidents. These lifts can be easily installed and are comfortable to use. Before installation, it would be ideal to read the instructions available online or these will be sent to you before purchasing.

At DAY, we focus on eliminating several accessibility challenges you face at home and in your business premises, with the help of premium products such as platform lifts, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts and so on. Excel stair lift is one of the best stair lifts available in the market.


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