By choosing the right electric stairlift for the home, you can provide the aged and physically disabled family members with increased self confidence and freedom of mobility.Appropriate for All Models of Stairways With improvement in technology, electric stair lifts suitable for straight and curved stairways are available in the industry. Therefore it is not necessary to modify your stairways for installing this accessibility equipment. The installation process is also easy. Electrically operated stair lifts are considered an excellent choice for your home, as these avoid the hassles involved in recharging and reinstating of batteries. To provide outdoor access, stair lift models especially designed for outdoor usage are also available.Integrated with Exceptional Safety Measures In order to provide the user with safe and easy movement between the floors, electric stair lifts are provided with outstanding safety features. Electric stair lift models are provided with swivel seats, safety belts, padded armrests and obstruction sensors. The obstruction sensors can detect the obstacles on its path, and stops the lift automatically. Thus it is possible to eliminate the odds of the user getting injured and the lift getting damaged. It is also provided with folding rails, which enables to keep the lift folded when not in use. This feature saves space and provides other users easy access to the stairways. Stairlifts can be mounted on either side of your stairway. To ensure more safety, these stair lift models are also provided with handheld controls. Therefore the lift can be easily operated by those individuals who have limited hand mobility. Stairlift models integrated with remote and joystick controls are also available. When considering the cost factor, electric stair lifts are less expensive than home elevators.Purchase the Right Product When choosing an electric stairlift for your home, it is important to make an evaluation of your actual requirements and the extent of disability of the user. It is also essential to have a good idea of the different models, incorporated technologies and price ranges. It is also advisable to obtain an excellent understanding about the different dealers in the industry who are offering quality products with ample warranty. Leading manufacturers include ThyssenKrupp Access, Bruno and Savaria Concord. Through proper planning, you can purchase a unique electric stair lift, which exactly suits your budget and requirements.

Electric stair lifts for the home are of great utility value if there is an elderly or disabled individual at your home. DAY Elevator & Lift offers stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and residential and commercial elevators.


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