Purchasing a reconditioned stairlift can be a practicable and a more affordable option than buying a new stairlift Because of the advancements in fabrication it is now also possible to buy reconditioned curved stairlifts as well as straight stairlifts.

A second-hand or reconditioned stair lift should be as reliable as a new stairlift you will find that most stairlift companies will provide a 12 month warranty with their reconditioned stairlifts; there are a small handful of stairlift businesses that will provide just six months with their reconditioned units.

Straight stairlifts can usually be modified to fit another staircase that is the same length or shorter than the previous installation as the track can be normally cut to size. However, should the staircase be longer than the track length of the available reconditioned stairlift it maybe possible to buy a recondition stairlift but buy a new length of stairlift track.

A curved stairlift installation is bespoke to the individual staircase. Ideally, a reconditioned curved stairlift will need a new stairlift track to be manufactured as it critical for the rail to be as accurate as possible. However, due to advancements in fabrication methods, it is now possible to re-use sections ofcurved stairlift track.

As with a new curved stairlift track, a detail survey must be conducted. It is essential that the track is fitted as close to the installation side as possible and does not cause any kind of hindrance or obstruction to other stair users. Because it is preferably that a new track is fitted, it is recommended that you obtain references from previous customers should you opt for areconditioned track.

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