If you have aged family members in your family who find it difficult to climb stairs, buying stairlifts for your home would be a good idea. Besides adding to the comfort and convenience of aged and physically challenged individuals, stair lifts also help them regain their self- confidence. Stairlifts to Suit All Models of Staircases You can now buy stairlifts that are exclusively designed for home use based on your unique requirements. The available models of stair chair lifts include straight stairlifts and curved stairlifts. Straight stair lifts can be installed on straight staircases, that is, for stairways that are without curves. On the other hand, curved stair lifts are specially designed to tackle curved staircases. Apart from the usual seated models, there are other models such as perch stair lifts which are designed to carry persons in standing position. Seated types are safer to use than perch ones. Almost all stair lift models are provided with adequate safety features including foot rest, obstruction sensors, swivel seat, swing away arms, hidden gears and many more. Home stairlifts can be conveniently folded away when not in use so that other users can access the stairways. Another significant feature about the stair lift models is that they can be operated using AC and DC power. The DC model stair chair lifts are provided with battery backup facility and are usually far more expensive than the AC model. Find the Best Product to Fulfill Your Requirements Before buying stairlifts for your home, it is necessary to acquire some knowledge regarding the various models available in the industry and their prices. If you have a good idea about the different manufacturers and dealers, you can purchase a quality product that has warranty, is durable and reliable. The leading manufacturers of stair lifts for residential purposes include Bruno Independent Living Aids, ThyssenKrupp Access and Savaria Concord.

For buying stairlifts for home, approach DAY Elevator & Lift. We have high quality stair lift systems that are exclusively designed for home use; home stair lifts are available at affordable prices.


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