Individuals who are physically disabled might find climbing staircases a real challenge. There is every possibility that they might fall and injure themselves. To resolve the mobility problems of your loved ones in accessing the floors of your home, buying electric stairlifts will be an ideal solution. Highly Compatible with All Kinds of Stairways Electric stair lifts are available in different models so as to suit all kinds of stairways including straight, curved and spiral ones. When you plan to install electric stairlifts, it is most often not necessary to make any structural modification for your home.  These accessibility devices can be operated directly by making use of the domestic power supply system. Considered an excellent and appropriate choice, electric stair lifts rule out the necessity of recharging and replacing of batteries.Designed with Superior Safety Measures The safety features incorporated in the different models of electric stairlifts maintain high standards. These models are provided with obstruction sensors, which can detect objects blocking their path, and stop the lift from moving. This safety provision helps to avoid chances of the user getting injured or the stair lift getting damaged. Electric stair lifts are provided with padded armrests, folding rails and swivel seats. In order to help persons who have difficulty moving their hand, stairlifts are designed with button controls and joystick controls. They also feature wireless remote control system, which enables the user to operate the equipment with ease. Compared to home elevators, electric stairlifts can be easily installed.Key Points to Consider before PurchasingBefore buying electric stairlifts, it is important to have necessary planning. It is best to have an idea of the different stairlift models, price ranges, incorporated technologies and more. It is also essential to have an overview of the disabilities of the intended user. Acquire a good understanding about leading manufacturers and dealers who provide superior products with sufficient warranty. Some of the leading manufacturers include ThyssenKrupp Access, Bruno and Savaria Concord. By considering all these factors when buying electric stairlifts, you can surely purchase an excellent product that rightly suits your requirements.

DAY Elevator & Lift offers electric stair lifts from world class manufacturers. DAY provides indoor and outdoor accessibility solutions ranging from dumbwaiters to wheelchair lifts.

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