Stair lifts are a basic requirement for physically disabled people for their daily needs. World class brand Bruno has introduced an Electra-Ride LT stairlift in the market. The products of Bruno are known for their performance, safety and reasonable price. Bruno Electra-Ride LT stairlift is an indoor straight rail stair lift for straight stair ways. Physically disabled people can use this stair chair lift for easy and effortless travel through the stairways of their house or office. Highly featured stair chair lift at minimum expense is the specialty of Electra-Ride LT stairway lift. Because of this reason many people choose to buy this stairway lift for their home and office needs. Let us have a look at the various features of Bruno Electra-Ride LT stairlift: •    Battery powered operation•    Seat, footrest and arms can be flipped up•    Flexibility to install on either side of stairways•    Seating with generous space•    Start/stop feature for smooth ride•    Elegantly covered track  These are notable features of Electra-Ride LT stairlift. Battery powered operation allows uninterrupted use even during power failure. Also there is no need to fix new power outlet for the chair lift.  Flipping up of seat, footrest and arms give enough space for others to use the stairways when the stair chair lift is not in use. Elegantly covered track gives an attractive look to the rail and helps to keep it free from dust particles. Folding rail option provided in this lift allows users to flip up the bottom of the rail and avoid damage if any obstacles are present at the end of stair lift rail. Safety belt is provided to assure maximum safety.For seating comfort foot rest height and seat height can be adjusted. The lifting capacity of this lift is 275 lb (125 kg). Standard swivel seating provides easy entry and exit from the lift. Two 12V batteries are used for operating this lift. These batteries can be charged using a standard power outlet. Two remotes are provided for wireless call/send controls. Bruno offers five years warranty for major components and two years warranty for parts of Electra-Ride LT stairlift. Bruno has nation wide dealers for selling Electra-Ride LT stairlifts. Assistance for installation, maintenance and repairs of this lift are provided by these dealers.

Bruno Electra-Ride LT Stairlifts are the right option to take you up and down the stairs safely, comfortably and effortlessly. DAY provides indoor and outdoor accessibility solutions ranging from dumbwaiters to wheelchair lifts.

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