Acorn: The Corporation

Should you or any of your family member has difficulty in climbing up and down the stairs of yoru residence, then Acorn Stairlifts are Godsend to suit your needs. Amongst the market leaders, Acorn stairlifts have been a boon for hundreds and thousands of individuals worldwide who have walking disability. Even for those who live in tall buildings with multiple levels, these stairlifts have manufactured it less difficult for them to move up and down the floors with ease. This article will aid you to know if Acorn stairlifts are right for you personally, the diverse types of stairlifts they make and the reason they may be the marketplace leaders.

Like several large corporations prior to it, Acorn started off small in 1992 by marketing reused and new stairlifts. While they were growing at a decent pace, their management decided that to grow further, they would ought to begin manufacturing their own stairlifts. Considering that they already had a large clientele base, generating customers wasn't really challenging. But why are Acorn stairlifts considered the very best when you can find so many players out there?

Why Acorn?

For Acorn, safety of its customers has often been the paramount. Acorn stairlifts are equipped with various safety features. Among them will be the immediate stop feature of the stairlift if something comes between the lift door. Since they are equipped with automatic charging batteries, they even work when the main power supply is interrupted. They're noise-free and incredibly smooth to operate. Even though they require little or no maintenance with passing years, the prospects can always be assured with the proper functioning in the stairlift because all Acorn products have a complete warranty. All their stairlifts are installed by certified and professional stairlift installers so you do not ought to worry about setting it up. All Acorn products have digital displays which makes it particularly straightforward to control them. The consumers swear by the durability and strength of their stairlifts which is not surprising given that all Acorn products far more than meet the industry standards. Now that you're hopefully convinced that Acorn stairlift may be the method to go, let's look at some from the variety of their merchandise.

Sorts of Acorn stairlifts

Acorn realizes that not all homes are built equally. Therefore, they have designed diverse sorts of stairlifts to cater for all properties. Their initial and most common kind of stairlifts would be the Straight stairlift, which may be the simplest type of a stairlift. The Curved stairlifts cater to those customers whose houses have staircases inside the type of bends and twists. Due to the fact in the nature of these type of stairlifts, they may be only custom manufactured. Acorn also manufactures Outdoor stairlifts which are for folks who have staircases within the outdoors. One of the USPs of these variety of stairlifts is that these are weather proof so clients don't need to worry about any damages to the lift caused by weather.

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